Our Moral Compass: What Rides On The Heels Of Our Failures

“My best success came on the heels of failures.”

-Barbara Corcoran

We seem to always be aware of our failures and when things do not go our way in life. It is important to take the time to process this but it is not ok in my opinion to dwell on it. This is because what will that dwelling and drowning in your sorrows actually do for you? The answer is nothing but continue to keep you in a depressive, down state in a downward spiral. What we need to keep in mind is what American businesswoman, investor, speaker, and consultant Barbara Corcoran tells us in today’s quote that our best success comes on the heels of our failures.

Right there, that statement alone depicts that kind of self talk that all of us need to do more of. We have to believe that when there a periods of where we fail at something that success is right around the corner. We need to recognize how much we have to give to our life and the lives of others. We all have certain strengths and skillsets, some we know and some we have yet to tap into it. Think back to when you felt successful in something. I’m pretty sure that this was predicated on a failure that may have occurred just before. And if for some reason that level of success you are looking for has yet to happen, keep the faith in knowing that it will soon for you. Just don’t give up. Realize that you determine what success really is. So go out there and make it happen.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards improving your self awareness?

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