Our Moral Compass: Know Who You Are

“The pebble is a perfect creature equal to itself, mindful of its limits.”

-Zbigniew Herbet

Polish poet Zbigniew Herbet’s quote reminds us that we are like a pebble who are mindful of our limits. We know what our strengths are as well as our limitations. This allows us to become more self aware as to who we are. This does not mean once we realize this that there is nothing that we can do to stretch ourselves beyond those limits. In a blog by Great Performers they highlight ways in which we can all push beyond our own limits and reach our biggest goals:

  1. Find someone to assist you and provide that encouragement. They can be that cheerleader in your life that you need to overcome any self doubt.
  2. Adjust your mindset. Don’t give up. Do some research by reading about individuals who have showed grit and resilience in doing what it takes to make their dreams come true. There are plenty of feel good stories out there. trust me.
  3. Embrace bigger challenges than you think you are capable of. Push yourself beyond what you think you can do and challenge yourself beyond your limits. Its the only way to reach your highest potential.
  4. Go for what is unknown to you. The worst that can happen is finding out that something just wasn’t in the cards to work. The thing is if you ver try, you will never know. As the late San Francisco 49ers’ former head coach Bill Walsh once said, “If your reason why is bold enough, then you will know how to get where you want to be.”
  5. Visualize yourself at the next level. Focus on what you want so as to get motivated in pursuing your plan despite your imagined limits. Know where you want to go.
  6. Establish clarity about your next step. Just know what’s right in front of you so you can plan your next move accordingly.
  7. Eliminate your weaknesses. We all have them. We can attempt to transform them but if things are not improving then we need to move past them and focus on our strengths. They will overshadow the weaknesses.

When we know who we are and know that we can push beyond our own limits, we can embrace our own destiny.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards improving your self awareness?

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