Our Moral Compass: Our Light Is Born Out Of Darkness

“The true light never hides the darkness but is born out of the very center of it, transforming and redeeming. So to the darkness we must return, each of us individually accepting his ignorance and loneliness, his sin and weakness, and, most difficult of all, consenting to wait in the dark and even to love the waiting.”

-Helen M. Luke

Today’s quote by writer Helen M. Luke is one that requires us to read a few times over because it has so much great content and insight that really makes you think on a deeper level. We all have light within us. That is a given. The interesting thing is that our light is born out of darkness. It is through that period of unknown that we become accustomed to the world around us through the experiences we encounter. There are periods in life that we face the darkness and become aware of our own ignorance, the mistakes we have made and areas that are in need for us to improve in order to better ourselves. It is through these times when we give ourselves to these moments that we truly find and rediscover ourselves. This is when that light within us shines through the darkness and in a sense is reborn once again.

Look inside yourself for that light and let it shine through.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards improving your self awareness?

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