Becoming The Change: Listen To Others

“If we want people to talk to us more, we should start listening to them more.”

-Simon Sinek

One of the most difficult things for us to do is to listen more and talk less. There is a reason we have two ears and only one mouth. As Simon Sinek points out in today’s quote we need to actively listen more if we are wanting them to talk to us more. People won’t truly open up to others if they do not feel they will actually be listened to. Often times we are so wanting to solve someone else’s problem that we fail to realize that maybe all that the other person really wants from us is nothing other than taking the time to sit and listen to them.

We need to remember that the world should never revolve around us but around the ones we love and respect. To be a part of a meaningful relationship we need to make sure we meet the ones we care about at least half way, some times even more depending on the person. This starts by lending them an empathetic ear. One that will convey to them that they in fact do matter and it all starts with us listening to them, and not just hearing them.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your relationship skills?

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