Becoming The Change: Having Gratitude Is A Choice

“Gratitude wakes us up to the goodness and beauty in life. But we have to choose it.”

-Tamara Levitt

Having an attitude of gratitude is a choice. We choose to count our blessings or curse our misfortunes. We decide this. In today’s quote Tamara Levitt further supports this in saying that it is our choice in waking up each and every day to the goodness and the beauty in life that it has to offer. It is all within our grasp if we decide to embrace it.

Our friends, family, those we serve each and every day are what we should always be grateful for. They help to make us into who we are right here and right now. Just being alive is something to be grateful for. Having the sunlight hit our face in the morning. Seeing the sun rise and set. Having the chance to impact someone’s life. All this and so much more. Choose to embrace today and everyday. Choose to have gratitude.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your responsible decision making skills?

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