Becoming The Change: The True Meaning Of What It Means To Be Positive

“Being positive doesn’t mean you walk around with rose colored glasses. It means you overcome the thorns.”

-Jon Gordon

Often times people think being positive is some sort of fakeness on the part of that person wherethey try and instill on others some pollyanna belief that everything in the world around them is great all of the time. As Jon Gordon mentions in today’s quote being positive isn’t meaning we see everything as perfect like we are wearing some sort of rose colored grasses. Instead, we are overcoming the thorns in our way. It means we know and recognize, that there are challenges and things that will test our will and our grit.

However, we make the choice to choose how we will react to those thorns that protrude the path that lies before us and focus on the positive of the situation at hand. This by no means is an easy task and takes years of practice. Also, it decides on what the actual situaiton is. Those that have a direct impact you or your loved ones weights a lot differently than something that does not. It all comes down to perspective and mindset, both of which fall within the self management realm. Controlling your thoughts and actions can give you a sense of empowerment like nothing else. Make sure you focus on the positive as it is always there no matter what the situation or cicrumstance is.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards managing yourself better?

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