Becoming The Change: Two Types of Decisions

“There are two types of decisions: good decisions and lessons learned.”

-Simon Sinek

Decision making is one of the more challenging things we do on a daily basis. What makes it even harder is making the right ones. Author, speaker and podcaster Simon Sinek mentions in today’s quote that there are actually two types of decisions. The first is making good decisions. This is what we all strive to make. Decisions that better our life or the lives of others.

Now the second one you’d think would be bad deicsions. However, that is not how Sinek coins them. In fact I’m unsure if they are the second type of decision at all. He calls them lessons learned. No matter the decision and the result, we must always be able to take something away from it. We are constantly seeking intellectual and emotional growth as this life is a journey and more of a process than reaching some pinnacle point in our lives. There should be a lot of pinnacle points thoroughout our lives, otherwise, we are doing something wrong.

Let’s make sure we continuously to make decisions and realize that no matter the outcome of the decision being made, we are learning lessons from each one in order to help us become our best selves.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your responsible decision making skills?

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