Becoming The Change: What Truly Matters In Life

“The goal of adulthood is to let go of the other possible existences and to make the best of the one. A successful adult is one who understands that it doesn’t matter which life you ultimately pick, only that you live it well.”

-Chris Ballas

As Psychiatrist Chris Ballas mentions in today’s quote in life our main mission is to make the most out of the one life we choose to live. Just like in the multiuniverse as depicted in the Marvel movies, we have other possible existences/pathways that we could have chosen. However, we chose the best one that made us feel the most whole; the one that allows us to live our best lives.

What Ballas refers us to is what is considered to be a successful adult. Success is really defined by us, not by others. The life we choose is up to us. The one thing we must promise ourselves is to live our lives well and to the fullest. We determine the definition of what well is along with the specific examples that follow it. Our own moral compass shows us what truly matters in life. And that is our own well being and the well being of those around us.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards defining/refining your own moral compass?

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