Our Moral Compass: True Friendship

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

-Walter Winchell

     Being there for a friend in their time of need when it seems like they are all alone is the testament of being a true friend. It is the hope if you are doing this for someone else that they in turn will do the same thing for you in your time of need. But before anyone can become a true friend to another person I think you need to be a friend towards yourself first. There are certain qualities that build the solidarity of a true friendship.

Honesty is at the top of the list. Without being honest with yourself how can you even be honest with others? One must also be trustworthy and reliable. Many friendships are built on these. No matter what happens you must be truthful and reliable during good and bad times always looking out for their best interest. It is about them, not you.

Respect and loyalty are also important qualities of being a good friend and there will always be challenges to maintain these qualities especially when outside pressures arise. You need to respect yourself before you can respect others. Acceptance and being nonjudgmental are probably in my mind the hardest qualities to obtain because our beliefs, as they continue to evolve and develop, may differ from our friends. This is a true testament of friendship because the question is can you look past these differences or are they so different that you have outgrown the friendship. This is where being socially aware comes into play.

Developing strong relationship skills comes from developing the other four areas in our lives within our moral compass: strong self awareness leads to strong self management which leads to us becoming more socially aware and responsible in our decision making abilities which can ultimately deepen our relationship skills. Please remember that none of these skills are ever truly developed in isolation and each has connection with one another. These help us love ourselves more which in turn helps us to love others more. We need to continue to develop our relationship skills with others and ourselves.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing relationship skills in your own life?

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