Our Moral Compass: In An Ideal World

“We live in a land made of ideals, not blood and soil. We are the custodians of those ideals at home and their champion abroad.”

-John McCain

     Ideals are principles or values that we actively pursue as a goal that is put it above all others that are considered less of a concern. These can either involve a group ideal within a company or movement or an individual ideal. It is what is deemed of utmost importance. Senator John McCain reminds us that we live in a land of ideals and have the power within us to take care of these and bring them into fruition.

There are many different angles that today’s focus could be on in regards to ideals but moral ideals and how they can positively influence an ideal world we could all live in is where this conversation will go for today. Has there ever been a time in your life where you imagined if given the choice to change something for the better, all you would have to do is push a button and poof it would just happen? I know I have many times and especially lately with all that has happened in the world. And for me it would be one that would help us as a society refocus on what our moral ideals should be and in a sense hit the reset button to get things done right. But since there is not a button that can do such a thing, for now here are some moral ideals I’d love for us to all focus on to make things better in the world and help shape our moral compass through the 5 areas of Social Emotional Learning.

In Self Awareness we need to become more mindful of our emotions and need to recognize how they influence our behaviors. Focus on those emotions that bring out the great good within yourself like happiness and love rather than anger and hate. In Self Management we need to control our emotions better through having more patience, and not being so quick to react. Often times when we forget to be more patient we say or do something that we will later live to regret that takes us off the path of that ideal world that we want to live in. So self control is key.

In Social Awareness we need to be open to other people and their differences and respect them for who they are. Realize that by reserving judgment brings forth progress not only for your relationship with them but also for the progress for which you seek within yourself to be that better person. Relationship Skills can only flourish when seek to look at things through the other person’s perspective and take the time give them you undivided attention to getting to know who they truly are. Responsible Decision Making is where we can help bring our moral ideals int a reality. The other 4 areas in SEL can only grow through the correct choices we make in our lives. We need to also own up to our decisions when they turn out right and when they are wrong. If we do not choose to be all in on all aspects of what makes up our moral l compass then the moral ideal that envision for a better world will only be just that: an idea. So let’s make a conscious effort to turn those moral ideals into a reality and remember that it all starts with us.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards defining/refining your own moral compass?

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