Our Moral Compass Podcast (Episode 113): An Eye For An Eye

Welcome to the Our Moral Compass Podcast. Each daily reading focuses on a different quote on how we can best apply it to our own moral compass and one of the five areas in Social Emotional Learning: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision Making. Thank you for listening and we hope you consider subscribing to the podcast for future episodes.

An Eye For An Eye

“ An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

      One of the quickest and most hurtful ways to damage and potentially destroy any relationship is to default to the old adage “eye for an eye.” Seeking retaliation for being hurt by someone is a natural reaction but is one that we need to work on. It is imperative that when we have been hurt by someone, either by what they said or what they may have done, to choose a different pathway in how to best handle the emotions we maybe experiencing. If we don’t and react in a vengeful manner our actions would be no better than what was done to us.

As we know Mahatma Gandhi was a peaceful activist that lived and believed in non violence acts despite whatever hurtful things happened to him. He was the epitome of keeping his cool. Today’s quote serves as a reminder that two wrongs don’t make a right.

We need to recognize how fragile our relationships really are no matter how much work we have done to build it up through our communication and other relationship building efforts. All it takes is just one moment of us experiencing being hurt we could lose ourselves and react in a way that can severely fracture a relationship. It may make us feel better in the moment but it really only serves as a temporary fix. By reacting in that manner did it really repair the harm that was done to you? No. Did retaliating in the manner you did make you feel better in what you just did back to the other person? Again I’m sure the answer is no.

There are so many outside factors that happen in the world that causes hurt that is out of our control. Why contribute to this by damaging our relationships with others? Nobody wins. Everybody loses. Let’s control our emotions and be more mindful of how we react to the ones we love. Our relationships depend on it.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your relationship skills?

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