Our Moral Compass: Be Something To Someone

“We can’t be everything to everyone, but we can be something to someone. Even a lot of someones.”

-Simon Sinek

We’ve all heard someone tell us at one time or another that we can only do so much. That we can’t do it all. We hear it but it doesn’t mean we necessarily listen to it. Many of us have the mindset that if we can’t be everything to everyone we have somehow failed someone. This is not the case. As Author and speaker Simon Sinek says in today’s quote, “We can’t be everything to everyone, but we can be something to someone. Even a lot of someones.”

What I like about his message is that he blatantly tells us that no matter how hard we try we will never satisfy everyone and make them happy. We can’t be the jack of all trades because in reality we become the master of none in doing so. Besides it’s an impossible task to be everything to everyone unless you are Mary Poppins and are perfect in every way. The point he makes is the good that we do do and by remaining our authentic selves the greater the chance that what we do will impact and matter to someone. And who knows, it may impact and matter more to just one person.

The bottom line to me is this: we are here to impact others and they are here to impact us. It is a give and take. A partnership. Our relationship skills are dependent on what we are able to offer one another. For me I try to inspire others and encourage them that despite the challenges we encounter from time to time in our lives we will overcome them and rise above. I try to do this anywhere from doing my Stay Positive videos based on the book by the same name written by Jon Gordon and Daniel Decker to writing this daily blog or recording a podcast based on these blogs to even letting others know how much they mean to me on a daily basis. It is my hope that I am that something to someone and even to more someones. Making other people’s day makes mine. We have the potential to positively impact many relationships in our lives. So let’s make the effort to do just that.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your relationship skills?

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