Our Moral Compass: Unjust Laws

“An unjust law is no law at all.”

-St. Augustine of Hippo

In society there are certain laws or rules put into place with its purpose to help regulate and guide us in regulating our own behavior and actions. Such examples of law are but not limited to common, civil, criminal or equity law. These laws are supposed to take into account social and ethical norms for conducting ourselves accordingly. Recent events such as the tragic deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor or the disheartening and quite frankly embarrassing events that occurred at our nation’s Capitol recently hopefully will bring to light for us as a society to take a closer look at the laws we currently have in place because something needs to change. Laws are put in place to not only protect our people but also to prevent people from acting unruly.

Theologian and philosopher St. Augustine once said that an unjust law is no law at all. When something is unjust it is looked at being unfair or not morally right. It is apparent that certain laws are interpreted and applied in a way that is not equitable for all. Just look back at how people were treated during the Black Lives Matter movement and the voting protestors at the Capitol. One was a peaceful display of protest while the other was definitely not. The situations and the treatments of the individuals were treated totally different in this includes the preventive measures too. To me that is unfair and unjust. If we as a society do not look begin to look at things through a non judgmental lens we will lose the very essence of social awareness is meant to be: appreciate diversity, empathize with one another and ultimately respect one another equally. We need to put a stop to all of this before it is too late because how things are currently being practiced is truly unfair and not morally right. Our children are watching.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards becoming more socially aware?

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