Our Moral Compass: Shortcuts Are Unwelcome

“I don’t know that there are any shortcuts to doing a good job.”

-Sandra Day O’Connor

In life there are not shortcuts to doing a good job. That is essentially what Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Sandra Day O’ Connor says in today’s quote. I think when I look at or hear this quote I believe this can be applied to the career we are in as well as life in general. Doing a good job in anything depend a lot on the hard work and effort we put forth to either honing our craft in the workforce or in bettering ourselves as a human being. It is all within our control.

Integrated Talent Strategies had a list of 15 quick tips that we could use to excel at work but I feel these for the most part can also apply to our lives overall in all that we do too:

  1. Learn how to perform your job well.
  2. Work hard.
  3. Act professionally.
  4. Express positive attitude.
  5. Take initiative.
  6. Be a good team player.
  7. Know your boss.
  8. Understand your employer. 
  9. Take (constructive) criticism gracefully.
  10. Cultivate relationships. 
  11. Take opportunities to learn new skills, jobs. 
  12. Be part of the solution.
  13. Avoid gossip.
  14. Volunteer for new projects.
  15. Mentor new employees and younger workers.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards managing yourself better?

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