Our Moral Compass: Looking Within Ourselves

“Let each one turn his gaze inward and regard himself with awe and wonder, with mystery and reverence; …let each one work his own influence, his own havoc, his own miracles.”

-Henry Miller

Stop and smell the roses. How often have you heard or had someone tell you this? I know I have had it said to me a time or two. Life feels like it is constantly on the go and we are on a hamster wheel just trying to keep up but aren’t really getting anywhere. American writer Henry Miller’s quote is a timely one. It reminds us that we need to take time to look deep within ourselves and realize the beauty of our own lives.

Each of our lives have that awe and wonder that Miller is referring to. We experience awe and wonder each and every day even when we don’t even really realize it. Just going on a morning walk, breathing in the fresh air, hearing birds chirping or watching the sun rise are all examples to me of awe and wonder. It makes me realize how precious life is, not to mention a miracle in fact. It is through this self realization that helps to exemplify a deep level of respect and appreciation for life itself.

The final part of Henry Miller’s quote tells us that it is is up to us to live our lives as we see fit and that we are the ones who are responsible for influencing and making our own decisions while creating our own pathway towards achieving our hopes and dreams. We are also the ones that make our own miracles happen but must also realize we can create our own havoc too. It is through all of this that we must realize and understand how much control we actually have over own lives more than we think we do.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards improving your self awareness?

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