Our Moral Compass: When You Feel Helpless Do This

“If you’re feeling helpless help someone.”

-Aung San Suuu Kyi

When you experience moments of helplessness what do you usually do? Do you get yourself into a certain funk where you retract from the world around you or do you try to do something positive to turn things right around? My hope is that it is the latter. When we feel helpless we are unable to help ourselves and it is like we are zapped of our strength and power. In today’s quote Burmese politician, diplomat and author Aung San Suuu Kyi suggests that when we experience moments like this it is best to put forth our efforts and help someone else.

When we help someone else we feel better about ourselves too. This by no means replaces our previous feeling of helplessness entirely but it does help us put our efforts towards being a better person. So I wanted to share with you what Leo Babauta wrote about in expressing some ways in which we can help others today:

Smile and be friendly

Call a charity to volunteer

Donate something you don’t use or donate in general

Stop to help


Comfort someone in grief

Help them take action

Buy food for a homeless person

Lend your ear

Help someone on the edge.

Help someone get active

Send a nice email

Show appreciation, publicly

Just be there

Be patient

Tutor a child

Lend your voice


Fighting the feeling of helplessness is within our control and helping others will successfully fight that feeling each and every time.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your relationship skills?

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