Our Moral Compass: The Agelessness Of The Present

“The present never ages. Each moment is like a snowflake, unique, unspoiled, unrepeatable, and can be appreciated in its surprisingness.”

-Gail Sheehy

Life is precious. I think we all realize and understand this. However, it is within each specific moment that we experience that truly makes our lives precious. American author Gail Sheehy helps us to realize this in today’s quote and I believe it is when we embrace the present, what we are in fact experiencing is where that agelessness comes into play.

I love the analogy of how she treats each moment like a snowflake in its uniqueness and purity. Even the smallest moments like taking our kids to school, spending time with friends and family or going to work each day are its own individual snowflakes as we never get the same day twice or necessarily the same exacts experiences again.

It is through these moments that our moral compass will guide us if we let it. For some the question is how. How can we start living in the present moment? Joshua Becker wrote a blog on Becoming Minimalist on 10 Tips to Start Living in the Present Moment that I think will help us all on our path towards cherishing those specific moments as they are happening to us:

1. Remove unneeded possessions

2. Smile

3. Fully appreciate the moments of today

4. Forgive past hurts

5. Love your job

6. Dream about the future, but work hard today

7. Don’t dwell on past accomplishments

8. Stop worrying

9. Think beyond old solutions to problems

10. Conquer addictions

When we try to incorporate these into our daily lives more intentionally I think we will notice the snowflakes of each precious moment we have each and every day.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards defining/refining your own moral compass?

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