Our Moral Compass: Don’t Be A Phony

“The worst thing you can be is phony, because if you’re a phony you lose people’s trust and your own self-respect.”

-Ray Dalio

One of the worst qualities I think a human being can possess is when they live their life as a fake or a phony. Nobody likes to be led astray and be associated with or worse yet follow someone who is not genuine or real. They are like a crooked businessman/woman or like a shady used car salesman/woman. American businessman Ray Dalio reminds us in today’s quote that when we are not our true self in the eyes of others we lose their true and worse: our self-respect. I think we also lose our trust with ourselves along with who truly are, what we believe in. And for what reason? For money? For power? Things that will not be here when you are gone? To me that isn’t worth it.

We need to remember to always be our genuine self. We have this need to try and fit in and feel accepted risking losing ourselves in the process. The saying is “you need to fake it to make it” and it is a false one at that. When we fake it it is actually more emotionally and physically draining which can cost you your own health and mental well being. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Listen to your inner voice. Do not be influenced by the masses, only your influence on yourself is what matters. Its our inner voice that helps to determine right from wrong. We need to try and be as transparent as possible.

When we look inside ourselves instead of just in the mirror we are able to see our true self. A mirror is only surface level and only projects what is on the outside and we are so much more that that. Its up to us to take the necessary steps to make sure we never lose ourselves and conduct ourselves in a way that presents us as genuine and sincere.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards managing yourself better?

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