Our Moral Compass: Look Before You Leap

“Don’t think, but look!”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

How many times do we fail to look and observe what is going on around us before we go jump into rash decision making without giving things much thought? I’m sure more often than nought. Today’s quote from Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein pays homage to another saying of “look before you leap.” We are always in such a rush in making our decisions because we feel that that proverbial clock of our lives is always ticking. We have the tendency to feel that the longer we take to think things through and weigh our options it is more than likely we will lose out on other opportunities or decisions to be made. I understand this line of thinking because I myself have lived through moments like this but in retrospect realize that in rushing, I made some rather poor decisions. If I had really stopped and observed things much more closely before jumping into problem solving mode, the results of some of my decisions might have fared better.

Managing ourselves is a day to day challenge. We need to realize that it is ok to take our time to stop and look at situations first before trying to give any thought towards analyzing them; just take in the moment and treat it as a “it is what it is” moment in time. Then when you are ready, you can take your time and begin to look at and analyze things deeper. This will put in motion better decision making skills on your part and thus will result in a greater outcome. Remember that slow and steady wins the race. And in this case the race is the race of life where in all actuality, you are only competing with you and yourself alone.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards managing yourself better?

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