Our Moral Compass: Deciding To Wake Up

“Waking up is possible only for those who want it and seek it, for those who are ready to struggle long and persistently in order to attain it.”

-G.I. Gurdieff

In today’s quote when Philosopher G.I. Gurdieff makes reference to waking up, he is focusing on our own decision and willingness to go out and life and seize the day so to speak. It is when we are ready to endure whatever daily struggles may come our way with the persistence and determination to overcome any obstacle that may come our way. This may sound easy for some but for most it may not. The biggest reason may be due to fear. That fear of the unknown. Fear of failure or disappointment. But if we choose to stay asleep and shy away from the world around us we forfeit our opportunity to seize the day, to seize our own lives and make our dream become a reality.

On declutter.com Rachel Sharpe recently wrote a blog on 10 Ways to Seize The Day (Carpe Diem):

1. Do something new

2. Live in the present

3. Practice meditation

4. Face your fears

5. Build Yourself Up

6. Help others in need

7. Play a little

8. Get out in nature

9. Choose Love

10. Let go of negativity

And two bonus ones….

11. Be grateful

12. Dream big

Let’s make sure that each and every day, we make the most of each moment. Its important to us and our own mental health and well being.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your responsible decision making skills?

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