Our Moral Compass: Honoring Others

“When we focus on honoring others as our mission in life, differences fade. Prejudice becomes a foreign concept.”

-Miles McPherson

Honoring others. What does that mean to you in this day in age? For most it is when we hold someone in high regard and admiration. We give them the respect that they righteously deserve. In today’s quote Pastor Mile McPherson that our mission in life should be to honor others. What’s most important in what he says is that in doing this simple act of kindness our differences fade and prejudice becomes unrecognizable. Just thinking about that warms my heart. But the question soon becomes how do we best honor one another?

On liveandwork.com Chrysta lists 19 Ways To Honor Ourselves and Others:

1. Pay a compliment

2. Treat others with respect

3. Be understanding

4. Be patient

5. Ask questions

6. Challenge assumptions

7. Overlook mistakes

8. Forgive

9. Show compassion

10. Celebrate accomplishments

11.  Cheer someone on

12. Listen

13. Encourage

14. Learn from others

15. Help others

16. Find common ground

17. Appreciate your differences

18. Accept help

19. Be open- open your heart, open your eyes, open your mind

Just by choosing one or many of these will put you on the pathway towards honoring others but more importantly eliminating prejudice from existence.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards becoming more socially aware?

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