Our Moral Compass: Our Journey Through Life Should Be Ongoing

“If we assume we’ve arrived, we stop searching, we stop developing.”

-Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Life is and always should be a continuous journey. Why you might ask? As author Jocelyn Bell Burnell points out in today’s quote, we should never stop searching or developing because when we make the assumption that we have “made it”, that’s when we cease to grow as individuals. The moment we become complacent is the moment where we lose our edge. We become lazy and less willing to think outside the box. We must be cautious not to fall into this “we’ve arrived” trap. It is important for us to continue to raise the bar for ourselves because whether we realize it or not, people around us are depending on us.

Tyler Cowen wrote an article for LinkedIn in 2017 about Ten Ways to Lead A Less Complacent Life that will help us avoid this at all costs:

1.    Get Out of Your Bubble

2.    Don’t Use Convenience Technology for Everything

3.    Keep Learning

4.    Ask for What You Want

5.    Have Difficult Conversations

6.    Take Risks

7.    Move Around

8.    Plan for the Future, and Make It Happen

9.    If You Don’t Like What You See, Do Something

10. Don’t Give Up

You can choose one or all ten. Whatever you do, do something because we should never stop searching, developing or growing. We have one life to live so let’s live it.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards defining/refining your own moral compass?

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