Our Moral Compass: The Antidote To Judgement

“Curiosity is the most powerful antidote to judgement.”

-Meena Srinivasan, Founder and Executive Director of Transformative Educational Leadership

For whatever reason, when something new is introduced to us, often times we are so quick to judge whatever it is. Why is that? We have no facts, no true understanding of what it is but have already made some sort of opinion on it and whether we like it or not. Whatever happened to being open minded and reserving our judgment at first? Taking our time to learn more about it and doing our part to embrace this newness and be as Meena Srinivasan says in today’s quote to be more curious. This is the antidote to judgment. Feeling curious toward our own thoughts and feelings helps us know ourselves and understand ourselves better. The stronger we feel about our judgments, the more firm and immovable they become. This puts blinders on and we see only what we want to see. When our judgment includes strong disapproval or dislike, we become much more rigid on our viewpoint.

We need to remember that we would not want others to judge us without really getting to know us. So next time let your curiosity take over and be in the driver seat of your own life and kick judgment to the back or out on the curb for that matter. You owe it to yourself and more importantly you owe it to those around you..

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards becoming more socially aware?

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