Our Moral Compass: Perspective Precedes Enlightenment

“Perspective precedes enlightenment. It’s important to see it a new way.”

-Anthony Trucks

In the area of social awareness we know we acquire the ability to develop perspective we consider things in relation to one another accurately and fairly. According to Speaker Anthony Trucks perspective precedes enlightenment and the importance of seeing things in a new way or new light. And I believe the prerequisite to gaining perspective is being open minded and having the willingness to listen to all sides on a particular topic without judgment. Not an easy task I know. So the question is how do we gain a better perspective on things and on life for that matter?

One the incrementallife.com Jeff M. Miller wrote an article entitled 7 Tips to Help You Gain a New Perspective:

  1. Ask for help. Your are never alone. Lean on others in your time of need.
  2. Walk away. Stepping away from something helps to clear the mind and gain that much needed insight you are looking for.
  3. Start over. Sometimes a do over is the best solution to a problem.
  4. Overhaul your routine. Change things up as need be as this can lead to sparking creativity and using your imagination.
  5. Broaden your horizons. Look at things from all sides and angles.\
  6. Break out of your two dimensional views. Dig deeper. Dig below the surface to really bring forth the type of perspective you seek.
  7. Ask someone else to take the lead. Sometimes it is ok to take a back seat and let someone else drive the work that may be able to bring out the desired results you seek.

Gaining perspective is not easy but it can only be done through hard work and effort. The world can never change into what we wish to be if we do not change our perspective and lens in the process. We need to work smarter, not harder.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards becoming more socially aware?

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