Our Moral Compass: There Is No Such Thing As A Small Dream

“America is too great for small dreams.”

-Ronald Reagan

Dreams. We all have them from the time we are very small to even now as adults. To me dreams are what drive me more than everything else. I often remember the quote that if you can dream, you can achieve it. Today’s quote by President Ronald Reagan is similar in that living here in America, it is too great of a a country for small dreams. However, I believe that dreams and the size of them are irrelevant because to the person who is dreaming it, it is a big dream to them. This can be anywhere from dreaming of owning a home, graduating from high school to having their own family. Whatever your dream is, it is yours and the only limits to achieving it are the limits you put on yourself.

On lifehack.org Sonia Thompson wrote that there are 9 simple steps to make our dreams come true:

1. Do some stripping of our goals and get down to the heart of them.

2. Look fear in the eyes and go out of your comfort zone.

3. Set your boats on fire and commit to our goals.

4. Shamelessly steal from those that have had similar dreams that you because more than likely there are others out there that have had a similar dream to yours.

5. Build a plan of action towards achieving your goals.

6. Set a deadline for achieving your goals.

7. Do the work by actually following through on your plan.

8. Praise the progress that you make even if it is only small steps. Progress is progress.

9. Don’t go it alone because sometimes it takes a village to achieve great things.

If we hold ourselves accountable to these 9 steps and continue to rely on our own moral compass to lead the way we will be able to achieve all of our dreams.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards defining/refining your own moral compass?

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