Our Moral Compass: Let’s Live In The Present

“Let any man examine his thoughts, and he will find them ever occupied with the past or the future. We scarcely think at all of the present; or if we do, it is only to borrow the light which it gives, for regulating the future. The present is never our object; the past and the present we use as means; the future only is our end. This, we never live, we only hope to live.”

-Blaise Pascal

How often do we focus on out past or on the future? Probably way too much. What often gets left out is focusing on the present; that moment in time. In today’s quote French mathematician Blaise Pascal reminds that we, in an effort to say we are in the moment, take from that spotlight and apply it to a past or future moment. What we fail to realize is it can never change the past because there is nothing that can undo what it has been done nor can it affect the future which is in itself an end to the means.

We must remember that the present should be the object of our obsession because that is truly all that we can control. This needs to be recognized by all of us. We will regret out decision to steal the light from the present moment because we will in the end lose out on what might have been. Live for today. Live for now. It is all we really have.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards improving your self awareness?

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