Our Moral Compass: Empathize Before You Criticize

“We must all try to empathize before we criticize. Ask someone what’s wrong before telling them they are wrong.”

-Simon Sinek

It often makes me wonder why we are so quick to criticize when something goes against what we think or feel without truly processing the situation. It happens far too often in my opinion. In today’s quote author and speaker Simon Sinek reminds us that we need to try empathizing first before criticizing others. We are very fast to shut someone down without actually hearing them out first. Besides who made us the judge of others? Absolutely no one. The next time we are wanting to criticize we need to as my grandmother used to say “put a pin in it.” We need to find out from others what is wrong and not tell them they are wrong because that won’t benefit them at all. Relationships matter. They matter. These are hard times and we need to be mindful of someone else’s feelings because it is not about us. It is about them and how we can best serve them in their time of need.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards becoming more socially aware?

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