Our Moral Compass: Our Strongest Vaccine As It Relates to Our Own Mental Health

“Doubt is a virus that attacks our self-esteem, productivity and confidence. Faith that you and your life are perfectly unfolding is the strongest vaccine.”

-Sean Stephenson (Speaker, Therapist and Author)

We are ones as a society that have always had our focus on maintaining our physical well being but I think, pandemic or not, we need to assess our own mental health and strive for ways to nurture it just like we have for taking care of our bodies. Without doing the same for our minds first and foremost the rest won’t really matter.

In today’s quote Sean Stephenson reminds us that the virus of doubt causes harm to our self-esteem, productivity and confidence, not to mention allowing for negativity to take hold. The antidote is believing in our capabilities and what they can become and knowing that having faith in something (like ourselves) other than our own self interests is what is desperately needed. I often say to others that our greatest wealth is our mental health. When we have faith in ourselves our self-esteem increases, our productivity reaches new heights we never thought were fathomable and through this entire process our own confidence goes up.

Everything we believe in puts us on the path towards knowing our true purpose in life. So take care of what goes on in between your ears first and when you do there will be such clarity brought into your lives. And when that happens, like the saying goes, “take the bull by the horns” and take control of your life and your own well being.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards managing yourself better?

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