Our Moral Compass: The World We Grew Up In No Longer Exists

“You cannot raise your child the way your parents raised you. Because your parents raised you for a world that no longer exists.”


For most of us, our parents did the best they could to prepare us for the real world. The question is does that world still exist? I’d venture to say not at all. And…I know that the world my wife and I have tried to prepare our daughter for will be different when she raises her own children. Like in the movie The Lion King that is the circle of life. When I reflect back on how we raised our daughter, we tried to instill within her the same moral values that our parents tried to instill within us. To me it isn’t our place to judge how we did but rather let society be the one to decide. She was born in 2001 while I was born in 1975: a twenty-six year difference. In 1975 things like computers and cable were on the verge of being everywhere. In 2001 the iPhones and streaming were soon going to be the craze. Our parents’ parenting style for the most part may not have survived the early 2000’s and I think it is safe to say ours won’t either when our daughter has kids. We must recognize that as society changes so should we as we adapt to an everchanging world. Does this mean we lose what we value or what our beliefs are? No. Of course not. We try to instill what we can in them and hope that they will pay it forward out into the world. It’s the one thing we all try and hold onto.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards becoming more socially aware?

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