Our Moral Compass: Don’t

“Don’t ever give up. Don’t let fear keep you from your goals. Don’t let the opinion of others define you. Don’t confuse fame with success. Don’t stop improving.”

-Jon Gordon

Whenever you hear the word don’t in a sentence or phrase is is often looked upon as being a negative thing or rather something we should avoid all together. Examples are “Don’t cross the street without an adult” or “Don’t smoke.” For today’s quote by author and speaker Jon Gordon his lists of don’ts are in fact ones we should avoid but I think they also provide a reminder that no matter what life may throw at us we cannot let whatever that is stop us from achieving what we want out of life. Let’s look at each of his don’ts a little bit closer.

Don’t ever give up: When we give up, we essentially quit. We quit on ourselves and others. Stay the course and persevere.

Don’t let fear keep you from your goals: We are all afraid at one time or another. Fear of failure. Fear of success. It is natural to have that feeling or emotion. We can’t however let fear consume us. We need to repurpose that fear to essentially make it work for us to achieve our goals.

Don’t let the opinion of others define you: Opinions only matter if you let them affect you. Remember they are not facts and only become that if you validate them. Focus on what is true.

Don’t confuse fame with success: Being famous doesn’t breed success. Outside recognition means nothing if you don’t feel successful from within in. Fame fades but success lasts forver.

Don’t stop improving: Life is a journey and we should always look for opportunities to grow. There are things in life we can always get better in. Make sure you stay on the path of seeking ways in which we can strive to become our best selves.

Each of these don’ts can only be done when we make the decision to do so. If it is to be, it’s up to us to make it happen.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your responsible decision making skills?

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