Our Moral Compass: Practice the 3 C’s In Order To Enhance Your Relationship Skills

“Practice the 3C’s: Compliment, Congratulate, Console.”

-Jesse Itzler

One of the most important things in our lives pertains to the relationships we have with others but also with ourselves. We should always look for ways to further enhance our relationship skills because we will become much better people for it. Speaker and author Jesse Itzler said that it is important we practice the 3C’s when interacting with others: compliment, congratulate and console.

Complimenting others can be either verbally or in written form. I remember when I was an Assistant Principal early on I always took time to write notes of appreciation to my staff and was known for my football notes which at times became a sort of competition from the staff members to see who in fact could earn the most. I recently had bumped into a former teacher who said she still has the footballs I gave her and looks back on the messages I wrote with fond memories. Now a days I do not always write notes as much as I would like but make sure to compliment staff members via email or in person. I even take some time to give myself compliments in my diary of successes from the day because it is just as important to maintain our well being as it is to do so for others.

Congratulating is another way of taking the time to celebrate others and to celebrate our own individual wins. In doing this simple gesture, it shows how much you care about them and are proud of the specific accomplishments they had just achieved. This also includes celebrating our own wins, not matter if they are big or small whether it is losing 5 pounds within a week or completing an important project for work.

And probably one of the more important C’s is that of consoling. This one allows for us to provide comfort during a time where they may be grieving or experiencing extreme disappointment in something. This lets us also display high levels of empathy for the person in need.

When we apply any or all of these C’s our relationships can only continue to flourish because of them.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your relationship skills?

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