Our Moral Compass: No One Likes To Be Labeled In A Negative Way

“Labels. You can’t love somebody above the label you give them. If you call someone dumb, you will never see them smart. If you call them ugly you will never see them pretty.”

-Miles McPherson

One of the worst things that we could possibly do to another human being is labeling them. As author and speaker Miles McPherson points out in today’s quote, when we label others we are not only disrespecting them but we are casting unnecessary judgment upon them. We also prevent ourselves from seeing who they truly are. Yes there are differences between us both physically and philosophically. But that is what makes us, us. I also think that when we place label on others we are stifling their potential growth. Just take a moment and think of times you had put labels on others or even yourself for that matter. Did it make the situation better or worse? Did your relationship with them get better or worse? I’m sure if you are honest with yourself the answer to both questions would be the latter.

Like most things in life, if we flip this script so that this so called narrative deemed as our lives we could label ourselves and others with positive, good labels. These descriptors can be such things as trustworthy, genuine or passionate. They are necessary and it is important that we let others that we care about know their unique gifts/qualities. We just need to remember we are all part of the same race: the human race. Let’s create a label the symbolizes love, harmony and peace with one another. That is a label I could get used to.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards becoming more socially aware?

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