Our Moral Compass: A Title Means Nothing

“Titles mean nothing. The one with the servant’s heart is the leader.”

-Jon Gordon, The Carpenter

One of the best books I have ever read to date is one by author, speaker and podcaster Jon Gordon called The Carpenter. It is a story that inspires us all to build a better life, career, and team with the greatest success strategies of all. The quote from this book is one that resonates with me as I am a firm believer in this: titles mean nothing and it is our servant’s heart that makes us truly a leader. The first word in my Twitter handle is Serve followed by Lead then Inspire. But as you can see it all starts with serving others. That is my own personal why. It is something that I have believed in since I first became an educator and come to think about it even well before that.

I honestly believe that titles are merely that and it is what you do behind the title through out actions that matter most. We should put the needs of others first. Be empathetic towards others. Be genuine. It is up to us that we recognize this, not just now but always. Just by serving where we are needed and being afforded the opportunity to brighten someone else’s day can be a start in the right direction towards being our authentic selves and living the life we were destined to lead. We all have the potential to be someone’s biggest cheerleader once we realize it is all within our own control to do so. Serving others brings out the best in ourselves and others.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards improving your self awareness?

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