Our Moral Compass: Resiliency = Purpose

“Resilience is directly tied to purpose. The bigger your purpose, the bigger your resilience.”

-Jon Acuff

 Resiliency is that inner toughness and gives us that innate ability to recover quickly emotionally. I like to think of us being more like a rubber band that bounces back into shape no matter how far we are stretched. Today’s quote by author and motivational speaker Jon Acuff connects our resiliency to our purpose. They are in essence one in the same. As he says, the bigger our purpose the bigger our resilience is. I firmly believe we are all destined for greatness. This does not mean we will all be famous and known world wide. Besides who really needs that anyway because all that is important are those around you and who love you for who you are as well as who you can become.

We must rely on our moral values and how they guide us towards defining our purpose. Along the way there will be barriers that will try and thwart us off our path but if we rely on skills such as self management and responsible decision making it will help to readjust our sails so to speak and keep going down a path that will bring us towards the promise land. It is up to us to strive for excellence and never to forget our why for when we keep that as the focus, our purpose and resilience form a inseparable and unstoppable bond.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards defining/refining your own moral compass?

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