Becoming The Change: You Need To Dig Deep

“What is your WHY beneath your WHY? When you dig deep you’ll find your purpose and your purpose will help keep you going during the difficult times.”

-Jaime Kern Lima

We all know that the one true thing that should motivate us all is knowing our why. Why we exist. Our purpose. In today’s quote Author and Speaker Jaime Kern Lima reminds us we need to dig deep and know our why beneath our why. It is essentially portrays the moral fibers and values that are deep within our soul. They are the foundation for which everything else and all that we do is possible. As she mentions, we will all experience difficult times in our lives. It is inevitable. What is also inevitable is remembering our why as it is something that should be tattooed into our psyche and all that we do. The why beneath your why could be for your family as you try to leave a legacy that will live on in your children and in their children or the same can be said for those you work with or the organization you work for. All and all it is fuel for the soul when you need it most. So what’s the why beneath your why?

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards improving your self awareness?

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