Becoming the Change: The Possibilities Are Limitless

“Anything is possible. Learn, grow and adapt.”

-Jon Gordon

When we really sit for a moment and think of all of the possibilities and opportunities that are out there, they really are limitless. The only thing that makes them limited is us. We must have a growth mindset to live the type of life that will help to open these possibilities and/or opportunities. As author, speaker and podcaster mentions in today’s quote we need to learn, grow and adapt. Our openness to learn something new, something that we may challenge our current thinking, is what is needed for true growth to take place. It not only affects our growth but may in turn affect those around us who we are closest with.

This learning does not mean it will be easy by any means. It is, however, a testament to our willingness to adapt to any new learnings or changes to our thinking. It is these three things: learn, grow and adapt that a truly a package deal as one cannot survive with the other. When they are connected simultaneously it helps us thrive and make the impossible possible.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards managing yourself better?

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