Becoming The Change: We Are In Control

“People pay for what they do, and still more, for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it very simply: by the lives they lead.”

-James Baldwin, No Name in the Street

I look at the life we live as one large payment plan. It is not monetary by any stretch of the imagination as there is no price on the lives that we lead. American writer James Baldwin’s quote reminds us that we are in control of what we do in sacrificing ourselves along the way to get what it is that we want. The challenges we face are where we essentially pay our dues and these help us formulate into who we will eventually become. How we conduct ourselves on a day to day basis, how we treat one another, how we live to serve is what our ultimate daily payment plan is: paying things forward and back into the good graces of society. It can and should be a cyclical at all times. It allows us to become our best selves. There is not greater investment or payment plan than that.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards managing yourself better?

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