Becoming The Change: Sometimes Its Worth The Wait

Sometimes Its Worth The Wait

“Patience is more than simply learning to wait. It is having learned what is worth your time.”

-J.M. Storm

The late Tom Petty used to sing “Waiting is the hardest part” but as author J.M. Storm points out in today’s quote what it teaches you is what truly is worth your time and what isn’t. We often think of waiting is associated with learning patience. It sure does teach us all this but the next few times you are waiting on something, I advise you to look at things a little bit closer and decide for yourself as to whether it was worth your time or not.

When you think of all of things you have waited for in life from a doctor’s appointment to getting a cup of coffee you know that what it is you are waiting for is totally out of your control as far as to when you actually receive what you are waiting for. The only thing you can control is how you react to having to wait. Yesterday my wife and I were at a local sandwich shop and the kitchen was very backed up. Were we hungry? Very much so. Would it have helped to complain about things or keep bugging the waitress if our food was ready yet? No it wouldn’t. They wouldn’t try and have skip ahead a few tickets to get served first nor rush to get our food out. It would come out ready when it was supposed to and we would enjoy it all the same. Remember that good things come to those that wait. If there is ever an important lesson to learn, it is that one: now and always.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards managing yourself better?

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