Becoming The Change: Our Mindset, Our Perspective

“Your mindset cause the lens in which you view the world to narrow or open. Negativity narrows your perspective and causes you to focus on problems. Positivity broadens your perspective and allows you to see the big picture and find solutions. Positivity sees possibilities!”

-Jon Gordon

Do you remember that old commercial where you see someone explaining the impact that drugs can have on your mind and while they are explaining it they take and egg and begin to fry it with the catch phrase “our mind is a terrible thing to waste?” If not no worries and no today’s blog is not about not doing drugs (which you shouldn’t). Today’s purpose is to show you the importance of how we use our mind and more specifically the power of our mindset in living our best life possible.

Perspective is everything. How we see things, how we internalize things becomes our reality, As speaker, author and podcaster Jon Gordon mentions in today’s quote we choose to see the world we live in through either an open or narrow lens. When it is narrow we see only negativity and all of the problems or obstacles in our lives. It becomes very dark and gloomy. However, when we live and look through an open lens we see a wider range of possibilities. We see a bright future. We see hope.

In life we always have choices and we have the opportunity to manage those choices. Which pathway or doorway do you want to choose? One that makes life seem somewhat limited and less opportunistic or one where life is limitless with an abundance of opportunities? The choice is yours and how you want to see the world through your eyes.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards managing yourself better?

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