Becoming the Change: Decide Not To Coast Through Life

“Swim upstream.”

-Sam Walton

We all know that it is much easier in life for us to swim downstream but are we wanting to just coast through our lives without any challenges for us to face? If you knew the founder of Sam Walton, he would encourage you to swim upstream like he encouraged us to do in today’s quote. If you have ever tried to swim upstream it is quite a difficult feat. To constantly have resistance as if to have someone constantly pushing back on you causing you to push yourself that much harder. Is it tiring? Yes. Physically and mentally. But… the long run it will make both of those attributes you possess that much stronger.

On the other hand when we swim downstream everything just comes so easy to us and really no effort is required. It leads to laziness and complacency. The problem with this lies when things do get hard. You are unprepared and are more than likely to just give up. If things went from swimming upstream to downstream there would be a sense of pure dominance as you had already faced the worst of the worst deficits and now can overtake what now lies before you in a swift and powerful fashion.

The choice is quite simple: choose the path of most resistance, not least like you may have heard in the past. You will be much better prepared for life if you do.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your responsible decision making skills?

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