Becoming The Change: Let’s Start A Movement

“A movement starts with a clear vision of a world different than the one we live in today.”

-Simon Sinek

What is your current view of the world? Is it a positive, negative or a little bit of both? The biggest question is are you doing anything about it? In today’s quote Simon Sinek has in a sense a call to action that I think we all need to not only listen to but to make a conscious effort into doing our part in order to make it a better world. Any movement starts with a clear vision, an image or epiphany of a world different from the one in which we live today. One of peace, love and joy. We must tap into our socially aware skillsets and lead with more empathy not sympathy. Look at things through the perspective of others. We are not the world, the people we love and care for are (or should be).

Remember that even the smallest of steps can make a world of difference and help change the world we live in for the better. So start a movement. One that is positive. On that has a long lasting movement into making this world a better place.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards becoming more socially aware?

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