Becoming the Change: My One Word for 2023

“Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.


This past year has been a year I will never forget as my first book Becoming the Change was released in June 2022. I cannot thank my friends, family and colleagues for their never wavering support throughout this whole process. I am forever grateful for Road to Awesome for taking a chance on me and publishing this book.

Each year author Jon Gordon helps promote the concept One Word which is meant for someone to choose a word that they will use as a launching point to focus on for the upcoming year. In 2021 my One Word was Grit. Since writing my book I had had over 40 rejections from publishers as I was unknown, didn’t have much of a following on social media, etc. I refused to let that stop me from achieving my dreams. In late 2021 Road to Awesome gave me that chance.

In 2022 my One Word was Becoming. I chose this as I becme an offical author for the first time and learned so much about the process of marketing your book and how it all works. To top it off I also decided to enter the Preparing New Principals Program in my County to become an Elementary principal as I felt it was time and I was ready. Many had encouraged me before to apply but I knew, I had to be ready. I’m happy to say I am and I’m halfway through the program.

Now for 2023 my One Word is Present. I want to live more in the moment, be there in mind and body for my family and friends. It is important that I focus on them and the world around me as this is something that I struggle with and it moves beyond my ADHD diagnosis. My mind is constantly racing thinking of the next task or next goal without fully enjoying the small moments along the way. That is going to change and this is something that will be a challenge but is a must for me at this point in my life.

Each One Word does not become a flash in the pan when a new focus comes to light. I will forever be linked to them as they are now a part of me and my character. These attribute to my moral compass. Which ones attribute to yours?

How can you apply today’s message towards defining/refining your own moral compass?

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