Becoming The Change: Patience Leads To A Greater Perspective

“Patience breeds perspective.”

-Simon Sinek

We often here the phrase that patience is a virtue. However, as Simon Sinek points out, patience also breeds perspective. There are times in our lives where we make impulsive decisions without allowing the situation or circumstance to truly sink which may or may not greatley affect the outcome. If we were to take a moment and step back and allow things to more or less unfold before us, it may lead to better understanding on what our next move should be.

I look at it like this: we need to become better critical consumers to all facets of the information that is presented before jumping towards any conclusions. Slow and steady wins the race. Life is like one big chess match and it is important that we do not have someone checkmate us before we even make our first move. We need to control ourselves and allow patience to take over and provide us better insight into what our next move should be. As they say haste makes waste so lets avoid that and survey all the options that are out there before making a decision. It will benefit us and those it may affect in the long run.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards managing yourself better?

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