Becoming The Change: The Importance In Recognizing Our Surroundings

“We are living in cages with the doors wide open.”

-George Lucas

It seems to me that we as a society continuously are living our lives with blinders on with limited focus. This connects to filmmaker George Lucas’ quote for today as he referred to us as living in cages with the doors wide open. I picture in my mind being a bird in a bird cage as a visual. Due to various distractions within that cage (ie a swing, food or water and possibly some sort of toy), I’d fail to recognize that open door and with it any opportuity of experiencing all that the world outside has to offer. This is similar to how we are in our own human lives: constantly distracted by TV, our iPhone’s, etc which prevents us from taking risks and going for certain opportunities.

We need to live more intentionally and recognize all that is around us with our eyes wide open. To leave no stone unturned and notice when we are falling back into certain unhealthy patterns like I mentioned earlier. We only go through this life once and need to make the most of it.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards improving your self awareness?

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