Our Moral Compass: The Beauty Of Being Here

“I hear the wind blow, And I feel that it was worth being born just to hear the wind blow.”

-Fernando Pessoa

How often do you take some time for yourself? Even just five minutes to take in all the beauty and wonder of your life? Life is a miracle and I hope with all of my heart you realize this. Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa reminds us in today’s quote and for him just having the ability to hear the wind blow is worth being born. Simplicity with the finer moments of life. There are signs all around us that depict the beauty of being here.

Writer Jennifer Williams on HealingBrave.com wrote a poem about life and the beauty of being here together that I think captures the message for today and how grateful for our live we should all be:

I Am Walking Home in Gratitude: A Poem about Life as It Is, and as It Can Be

For the blue of the sky, and

The stretch of the sea.

For you and for me.

I am grateful for this life

As I live it.

Thank you for blessing me.

For the rain pouring down, and

The sweet summer breeze.

For the winter in its restful state,

For the clean slate of spring, and

The dancing leaves of fall:

I am grateful for it all.

For the magic, and even

The misery—

A kaleidoscope of a heart.

How blessed I still am

To feel the beating of this heart.

It all dances together, like

The ends of a halo,

Because it doesn’t know how to be


Life cannot separate


I am grateful

To the lonely night, because

I have known it well.

I still know that it’s not

In the darkness

That I am bound to dwell:

That is not home,

Not my true resting place.

There is a place inside my heart, and

It speaks clearly in stillness

Of a familiar face.

If you listen closely,

The storm whispers

Of a breeze, and

It softly speaks

Of crashing waves,

Who kiss the shore

And speak

Of a new day—

A day no more like the ones I’ve seen.

This circle we know

Weaves through one soul.

There might be more to life than

Life as we know it.

Together we are part

Of a story so blessed,

So old,

So new like a spring

After a winter’s cold.

This is a circle.

Deep down, we know.

There is a home

We beg to remember,

Like embers of a fire

That never did stop flickering.

There is a forgotten place,

But a place still burning and

Still alive:

It’s inside.

Maybe we just lost our way.

Maybe we’re on our way

Back home.

Each step we take with grace

Is like a sparkling reminder of

What we can bring to this place—

A murmuring of the soul.

What if we gave up the fight and

Honored the differences we see?

Perhaps we’d find this place to be the

Perfect combination of

All the variations

We longed to be.

When we are grateful

For each other, and

For this journey of a lifetime,

We will finally see:

We’re on our way home, so

We can walk in peace.

So I encourage you to take in all that is the beauty around you and realize how wonderful your life is.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards improving your self awareness?

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