Becoming The Change: A Powerful Investment

“You need a Career Savings Account with 4 investments in it: Relationships, Skills, Character and Hustle (and you need all 4).”

-Jon Acuff

As we are all aware investments are very important whether they are monetary or in this case personal. Author Jon Acuff said in today’s quote that relationships, skills, character and hustle is what we all need in our Career Savings Account. I agree but I think it goes beyond our career and is more our less our Well Being Savings Account. The first one he lists I believe heavily influences the others and that is relationships. Relationships and how we interact with others is crucial as it develops our social awareness skillset too through us exhibiting more grace, empathy and compassion towards others.

I believe our skills can only be enhanced within the depths of our relationships: the ones with others and with ourselves. Through these experiences those that we relate to most influence our character and helps us develop into who we are. This contributes to the hustle that is inside all of us and it guides us in ensuring that all of our efforts will help make this world into what we wish it to be. And the foundation for all of these investments are built upon the foundation of relationships.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards becoming more socially aware?

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