Becoming The Change: Listening To Our Bodies

“As we listen deeper to our bodies and elevate our health as a value in our lives, we walk the earth attuned, resilient and nourished.”

-Chris Anderson

Often times we focus and worry so much about others that we fail to take care of ourselves. In today’s quote Chris Anderson reminds us that if we take the time to prioritize our health and actual listen to our bodies we will reach a higher quality of life. We all need to hit that reset button from time to time because if we don’t we will wind up burning ourselves out. In doing so we would be of no benefit to anyone. We need to take the time to even meditate as it is a way in which we can truly come in touch with our inner selves. Our greatest wealth is our own mental health. It can also be just resting our bodies and our mind. Listening to calming music or even reading books can help alleviate any stress you may be experiencing. Take the time to take care of yourself. You matter.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards improving your self awareness?

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