Becoming the Change: 3 Keys To A Happier Life

“3 Keys to a Happier Life

1. Love without expectation. 2. Serve without wanting recognition. 3. Care even if others don’t. ”

-Jon Gordon

One of the key concepts in life to always remember is that we can only control what we can control. In today’s quote Jon Gordon reminds of the 3 keys to a happier life. The first is to love without expectation. Unconditional love is the most powerful lind you can possibly give. When we don’t put limits on love the sky is the limit. Love becomes limitless. It only becomes complicated when we put such strict parameters and expectations on it. That only causes unnecessary stress and heartache. Love freely.

The second key is serving without wanting recognition. We should be the type of servant leader that does things for others because it is the right thing to do and not for any other accolades. We shouldn’t be doing something to get something in return as this should not be an eye for an eye type of world. Our legacy is not sewn within the awards or trophies we receive. It is within the lives that we have touched and influenced. That is what matters most.

And finally the third key: Care even if others don’t. All that should be of importance to you is what you do, not what others do. You are in the driver’s seat. You choose whether to accelerate or pump on the breaks. If you are the only one that cares about something then so be it. You know what is right, so focus on that.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards managing yourself better?

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