Our Moral Compass: We Rise Higher Together

To truly step into who you were born to be, you need the help of others. We rise higher together.”

-Jaime Kern Lima

 Helping others. Two words that can have a profound affect on another’s life, including your own. In today’s quote Jaime Kern Lima, American entrepreneur investor and author of the new book Believe it believes that we can only rise higher together when we help those in need. It is then we truly step into who we were born to be. You may ask what the benefits are in helping others might be. According to Mental Health America:

  • Students who performed five acts of kindness a day increased their happiness.
  • Providing emotional support to others significantly decreased the harmful health effects of certain kinds of stress among older people.
  • People who donated money to charity got a boost in a feel-good part of the brain, as revealed in brain imaging research.

It also has many benefits for you and your mental health too as it might:

  • remind you that you’re relatively lucky
  • make you feel connected to others
  • help you feel needed and effective
  • take your mind off your own worries for a while
  • make you feel generous
  • add a sense of purpose and meaning to your life

Ways in which you could help another is by giving a friend a call and checking in how them to see how they are doing. It could be making breakfast for your family or something as simple as letting someone cut you in line because they look like they are in a hurry. There are many opportunities out there to help others. Start today.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your relationship skills?

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