Our Moral Compass: The Best Time To Build Relationships

“The best time to build relationships is before you need them.”

-Rory Vaden

Relationships, establishing them and maintaining quality ones for that matter should be something of utmost importance to each and everyone of us. In today’s quote author and one of the top 100 speakers on Leadership Rory Vaden provides such an interesting take on relationships in that the best time to build them is before you need them. We often miss out on this important step in the process, the pre-work. The behind the scenes work or better yet building the foundation for what makes all relationships not only functionable but can withstand the ups and downs within them that we all encounter at one time or another.

It is often said that honesty and trust are part of building that foundation for any relationship. And remember…the first relationship you need to have this occur in is the relationship with yourself. One must also understand that with relationships, no mater how new or how old must be worked on each and every day. There is no rest for the weary. Another thing is don’t stand idly by and wait for them to put forth their effort into the relationship because the only person you can control is yourself. It’s up to you to help the relationship thrive. And what goes without saying is that clear and consistent communication is a must.

It is important to ensure that the pieces mentioned above are or will be a part of your relationship resume because if they are then your relationships will not just merely just survive but thrive.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your relationship skills?

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